How to get The 2022 Masters Golf Tournament Tickets?

Like every year, the Masters open is going to be held at Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia USA from Thursday 7th April to 10th April of 2022. The world number eight professional golfers Tiger Woods is going to reach his 6th title, if this year Tiger wins, he is going to equal the record of Jack Nicklaus who has lifted the trophy record 6 times.

The masters open is not only a golf event but it is a package of customs and conventions of America and due to its historical importance, sometimes it is considered the best of all four major golf tournaments. Green Jacket for the winner and par three family match are two main things that could not be seen in any other major, let alone the other PGA matches.

This is the reason its tickets are so expensive and hard to get, usually, the tickets are not available in the last one or two months due to its superiority in the golf events.

How much does it cost to go to the Masters?

Practice round tickets cost $75 for each round while each day of the tournament costs $115.

There are three ways for you to get the Masters’ tickets and you must need to maintain their terms and conditions for your upcoming Masters tournament’s tickets alive.

Win the lottery

Due to continuous disputes every year, the management of the Augusta golf club introduced the lottery system, whose names are drawn into the lottery are entitled to buy the tickets. The other way is buying tickets from the official website of Augusta, from where a user can sign in and fill the application form to get in the waiting queue for being selected.

Minimum 21 years of age or older can apply for a ticket that has an address and it must be accepted by the officials. An applicant must be remembered that you do not apply for sale, as a gift, or on behalf of a relative or friend.

Get a patron badge

Unfortunately, these badges are not available now.

Secondary market

It is hugely expensive than you expect to get the Masters tickets. You can learn more about how hard it is from here.

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