The Masters 2020 Tournament TV Schedule Round by Round

Masters TV schedule
The Masters TV Schedule

The PGA announced the Masters 2020 tournament is postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world and the USA. Masters upcoming tournament 2020 TV schedule will be available here when PGA confirmed.

The Masters is approaching where the best of the best in golf will battle it out for the championship. All golf enthusiasts can catch up with the Masters golf tournament which is set to begin from 9th to the 12th of April 2020. The TV broadcast, however, will only cover the main events which will begin on 9th April. All the information about the Masters Golf 2020 TV Channels, the coverage guide, and the schedule of games have been compiled for you below. The Masters is an absolute thriller for all the fans and you can’t miss the event at whichever destination.

Learn more about the TV destination on where to watch the whole event to your own satisfaction without any disruption and to the best of its quality.

How to watch the Masters 2020 on live stream in the US

Masters 2020 will be covered by both ESPN and CBS. ESPN will take the beginning two rounds and CBS will follow with three and four rounds.

You can catch the Masters on Hulu with Live TV at$40 per month. This includes CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN. These are among the best streaming destinations of the event every serious fan can affirm. Therefore, paying the mentioned subscription for streaming on these channels is a good value for your money.

If you use the PlayStation Vue, for $45 a month, you can get access to ESPN, NBC, Disney and other essential networks.


For $50 monthly, DirecTV can be accessible to you and includes CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN.


FuboTV is $35 for the first month and gives you CBS, Fox, NBC, and the NFL Network but without ESPN.

YouTube TV

YouTube at $40 per month gives you access to CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN

How to watch The Masters 2020 in the UK

You can watch it live on Sky Sports Golf, Main Event, or online using the SkyGo app.

Sky Sports

A Sky Sports day pass is £9.99, for a week pass it is £14.99 and a month pass it is £33.99.

You can also use NOW TV through a computer or apps

How watch 2020 US Masters in Australia

Being Australia’s first 2020 major golf tournament, it will be on free-to-air television.

How to watch 2020 Masters Golf in Canada

CTV/TSN is where you can watch the 2020 Masters Tournament.

The Masters 2020 TV schedule

Round 1 ESPN Thursday, Nov. 12, 7:30 am ET – 5:30 pm ET

Round 2 ESPN Friday, Nov. 13, 7:30 am ET – 5:30 pm ET

Round 3 CBS Saturday, Nov. 14, 10:00 am ET – 5:00 pm ET

Round 4 CBS Sunday, Nov. 15, 8:00 am ET – 3:00 pm ET

There are specific apps from where you can watch the Masters 2020 but most of them are apps for stations. You can live stream on some apps found on smart TVs and specific smartphone apps for TV stations to watch the championships on the go. These apps are available for both iOS and Android.

The ultimate advantage of these stations and channels is that for most of the subscriber can save the events to watch later